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complete bay area news coverage starts right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> good evening. hello. i am frank somerville. >> and i am gasia mikaelian. >> today marks three years since the affordable care act took effect, in months many will have health coverage. ktvu's ken pritchett is live with the push to make sure the program is ready. . >> reporter: at locations around the state people rallied, including here at san francisco city hall, to
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celebrate the implementation of the affordable care act and they are urging leaders to do more to make sure it works. >> okay. so continue -- >> reporter: at the clinic the doctor treats patients for free, people who don't have insurance and welcomes the affordable care act. >> i think there will be a number of years where there will be lot of working through the glitches. >> reporter: in 2014, 6 million uninsured will be covered. >> 50% of our patients won't be eligible because of issues. >> we came, we saw. we passed healthcare. >> dave: they celebrated celebrated the affordable care act three year anniversary.
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>> when people have access to a doctor or clinic they use emergency services less. >> the challenge is getting the word out about covered california, where people will sign up. >> california is ahead of the game. >> reporter: while advocates give california good marks they say they need to finish the job in expanding medical to absorb the people who will be insured. ken pritchett, ktvu channel 2 news. happening now, family and friends are getting ready to honor a musician who was struck and killed by a train. ktvu's cara liu is live. >> reporter: we are under an ahour away from this -- an hour away from this vigil.
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this location, the group [no audio] >> reporter: he won a musical contest with the organization. volunteers and friends say he has the kind of talent you rarely see and they were shocked to learn of his death when the student was hit by a train. he was a special young artist whose spirit will live on in his music. >> artist. he probably could take any idea, any question you throw at him and he could turn it into a beautiful song. he comes from a family of talented artists, musicians and i feel like that is what helped him push his art. >> reporter: organizers are expecting 100 people to be here, including family members, classmates, teachers and fellow
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musicians to remember him. they planch to play -- plan to play some of his music. we will bring you more at 6:00 p.m. live in san jose, cara liu, ktvu channel 2 news. in san francisco, a bicyclist accused of killing a pedestrian appeared in court this morning. he pleaded not guilty to a charge. prosecutors say he ran a red light last march and hit a man. but defense attorneys claim it was the pedestrian who entered the intersection prematurely. also in court, a woman accused of kicking a toddler. she pleaded not guilty to the charges against her. police say she kicked the girl in the chest for no reason. the toddler did not suffer serious injuries. she is do in court next week. contra costa county finished its investigation into
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the death of a police officer. he shot and killed him last september on interstate 680. according to the report released today he was diagnosed with dipolar disorder. the gun he used was legally purchased and registered to him. there was no indication he was going to kill a law enforcement officer. judge agreed to resign. 58-year-old judge paul seeman is accused of stealing a million and a half dollars from his neighbor. ktvu channel 2 news was the first to report this story. he has been on leave since he was arrested last june but he continued to get his salary. he is facing 32 felony charges, 12 counts of perjury, elder theft and grand theft and unauthorized disclosure of
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information. vacant store fronts are a problem for san jose. ktvu's robert handa is in downtown where a quick fix could pave the way to a permanent solution there. robert? >> reporter: that's right. we are at a building that is usually empty but as you can see it is bustling. this activity is part of san jose's plan to get rid of the economic and image related problems that come with vacant buildings. >> reporter: the chef is whipping up dishes for a crowd of people in downtown san jose. this stretch doesn't usually see much traffic because of all the vacant buildings so today they launched start up san jose, to attract people to place where empty structures discourage visitors. >> people stay away from the areas that have vacant buildings. we decided to come out because we saw the trucks.
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it helps generate activity. >> you like to see more foot traffic downtown. you know, you feel safer. >> reporter: the other part of start up san jose had them come into a empty building and turn it into shared space. >> this store front has been empty for six years. for us to come in and do organic local grown event programming, that is open to the public, people are hungry for that. >> i got to meet other people and be able to focus on what i am trying to do. >> i think it is a great opportunity to run into each other. i think san jose does have lot of extra space right now. >> reporter: now, as you can see a lot of things have changed here. this building has been vacant for years. earlier we showed you the entrepreneurs for people to talk to them about what they
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were doing. right now you are seeing retail business whose set up who don't have a permanent place to be but took this building and used it as a tempterary -- temporary place. that is what is going on here in downtown san jose right now. this goes on till 8:00 p.m. tonight and then city takes what happens, evaluates it and tries to take what is supposed to be a temporary fix and make it more permanent. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. it was a protest with a sound track. musicians held a small public concert today at davis hall. >> this as the strike against the management passes the one week mark. as musicians play, supporters picketed. they are asking them to release information on its finances. . >> they are giving the ceo big bonuses and trying to cut our
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benefits. it will cost a lot more if we take the contract they are offering. >> on sunday they canceled its east coast tour after they failed to reach an agreement. police are investigating threats made against a high school. students discovered the threats on facebook. ktvu's paul chambers explains how the school and police responded. >> reporter: as classes started, students and staff were greeted by police officers. this after a threatening message was found wednesday. >> it was reported by a student there was going to be a incident today. officials immediately contacted police who say the threat was a rambling message on facebook. officers met with officials about a security plan, that would have officers and detectives patrolling. >> increased security psafety
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out here -- and safety out here. >> reporter: as avickive investigation officers -- active investigation officers wouldn't say what was in the post. officials say they can't do it alone and hope parents step up and take control. >> parents need to pay attention to their student and what they are doing on social media and help us make them understand there is consequences for these activities. >> we could arrest them for making death threats and there are additional charges. >> reporter: officers will be out here all day long and into the future till the source is found. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. law enforcement nett 40 arrests in a -- netted 40 arrests in a crime crack down. operation take back took 27 people into custody.
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16 for misdemeanors. 12 were on parole. police say 8 were juveniles and all of them had gang ties. it was in response to a wave of violent crime. the sheriff's department is hosting a gun buy back event this saturday in san jose. gun owners will receive cash for turning in their weapons. no questions asked. you could receive $100 for hand guns or rifles and $200 for an assault rifle from 8:00 a.m. to noon this saturday on march 23. a new breast cancer detection law is going into effect next month. they discussed the law, it requires that radiology notify a patient's referring physician after a mammogram if the
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patient has dense breast tissue. it is associated with an increased risk of breast cancer. all tol taking is coming to the golden gate bridge next week. next year they will at a safety device. there will be a movable median berrian like this one. -- barrier like this one. the bridges' barriers won't be two feet thick. >> the break through for the golden gate bridge, it will create a 1 foot wide movable median barrier. if we went 2 feet wide we would have to lose a lane of traffic. >> they hope it will eliminate the deadly head on collisions. tucked away inside a cell, on the rock. i could think of better places
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to be. tonight back to alcatraz gift years to the day the cell doors closed to this prison. >> it is warming up out there in most bay area communities. how much warmer it will get as we head towards friday. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen.
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo!
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some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. new tonight at 5:00 p.m., 50 years since alcatraz shut down. ktvu's mike mibach went to the rock today and you were able to talk to a former guard who was there on that day 50 years ago. >> reporter: he said there is no place like home and today he came back to the spot he loved and that spot that prisoners feared. >> reporter: sticking out of the bay like the rock she is, alcatraz captivates those who can't escape her stair. >> to see the view and not go anywhere else. >> reporter: trapped they were,
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hundreds of feared inmates. cells stacked together listening to the sounds of san francisco. >> epic part of history. knowing that people were that bad then, still bad now. they had a place. >> reporter: once inside the cells guys, there were 14 escape attempts, inmates killed, guards killed. >> they all had a pair of scissors. >> reporter: he has stories to tell. he was a guard on alcatraz and on that final day 50 years ago he escorted them toon the boat. >> the last one -- them out to the boat. >> the last one. >> reporter: today the rock is a tourist attraction.
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folks strolling where no man ever wanted to. 1.5million visitors a year. >> actually pretty enlightening, you don't want to mess up in society and end up in a place like this. >> reporter: to commemorate the closure, a new exhibit of photos is being unveiled of the final day, you can see the exhibit only out there in the san francisco bay on alcatraz. live in san francisco, mike mibach, ktvu channel 2 news. a law maker is being remembered tonight. relatives say he died yesterday after a two year bout with alzheimer's disease. he was an advocate for environmental protection, healthcare, higher education and farm workers. he was 90 years old.
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the san jose fire department is working to determine the cause of a fire that was reported this morning at mobile home park. fire crews found a small trailer in flames. they had the fire out in 10 minutes. the trailer was vacant at the time of the fire and no one was hurt. ktvu channel 2 news talked to a spokesperson this afternoon, he says investigators are trying to determine if it was a electrical cord or a space heater that started the fire. firefighters are waging a funding fight. they are asking congress to save federal grants from budget cuts. they help departments hire firefighters and buy equipment. san francisco firefighters want to buy a new fire boat. >> we have a new facility, the warriors coming to town, we have the america's cup, we have the giants, everybody is on the water front. it is critical we have a presence there. >> federal grants are key right
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now because state and local governments cut back funding for fire departments. authorities say a student will be charged with making opstory about -- making up a story about being rapped on the u.c. santa cruz campus. she said a man sexually assaulted her on february 17. her story put the campus on edge but investigators said it became clear she made it up. she will be arraigned yesterday. she could get 6 months in jail. a former bookkeeper at a investment ferment in the east -- firm in the east bay has been sentenced for tax evasion. prosecutors say she funneled money to herself over the course of several years while she worked as a bookkeeper. as part of her sentence she has to pay back $1.3 million and
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back taxes. mortgage rates dropped this week to 3.54%. it hit its lowest point last november, 3.31%. and thanks to the low mortgage rates, home sale rose to their highest level in three years last month. sales were up .8%, 5 million homes more than february of last year. what a difference a day makes with the weather. spectacular and stunning views. >> i had to find some winter because it is not here. it is spring but there is rain and snow across the country. heading towards the ohio valley tomorrow, be prepared for flight delays a freeze warning in atlanta, fire weather warning over here in the
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albuquerque area. we have nice weather through the next couple days here. advance this, temperatures are going to be little warmer. having a stall out here in the system. live camera real quick. if we have a live camera. numbers were warmer than yesterday. and they will continue that way as we go through the next couple days. there is a live camera there. no fog along the coast. the fog and low clouds work their way back into the forecast and that fog sets us up with a cooler weather -- cooler weather pattern. along the coast, cool and gale warnings along the north coast. as we talk about the north coast, we have -- freeze warning up there and we have got winds.
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computer jammed up. what we will do is tell you what happened today. temperatures today around the area, up into had 60s 60s and low 70s. warmed up today. highs tomorrow, warmer still and the bay area weekend look for temperatures to increase, mid-70s sunday. a warm up around here. when i come back, i will have the system working for you and we will show you what the temperatures will be like in your neighborhood for the weekend and we will look for the next chance of rain. showers back in the bay area forecast into the middle of next week. the weekend is just around the corner. i will see you back here. >> thank you. restarting peace talks, the call the president made to israeli and palestinian leaders. >> and a metal detector find, the device the bomb squad had to detonate today in golden gate park.
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. two rockets from gaza hit israel today. one of them landed in the court yard of a house. they are criticizing the president's meeting with the president. president obama is on a visit to the middle east to focus on restarting stalled peace talks. today he took his message to the israeli people. >> today i want to tell you,
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the young people, so as long as there is a united states of america -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> you are not alone. >> the president delivered an appeal for peace while speaking to college estudents. he stressed -- college students, he stressed they must make peace. earlier he met with palestinian president. he said palestinians deserve an independent state and have an obligation to work for peace. >> the united states is committed to the creation of an independent state of palestine. the palestinian people deserve an end to occupation. >> president obama also attended a state dinner.
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he was presented with the highest honor at the israeli medal of distinction. he will visit jordan tomorrow. north korea issued a new round of nuclear threats today against military basis. they said u.s. basis in guam and japan are within striking range. excuse me. the white house and the pentagon haven't yet responded to the latest threats from north korea. new concern about the tsa rule change that would allow passengers to -- passengers to bring knives on planes. they signed a letter to the head of the transportation security administration. they urged withdrawal of the
5:28 pm
decision making it okay to bring pocket knives and sports equipment on board planes. they say the decision was made without former engagement with stake holders. the hope they have as they head to washington for the final battle. >> and a man with a metal detector heads to golden gate bridge with a unusual find. hello?
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complete bay area news coverage continues right now, this is ktvu channel 2 news at 5:00 p.m. >> this couple from the bay area could be on the verge of making history that supreme court.
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they are involved in the same- sex marriage case they will be taking up next week. new tonight at 5:00 p.m. ktvu's david stevenson tells us what they are saying about the impact the case is having on their lives. it is not what you might think. >> reporter: that's right. the supreme court takes up proposition 8, same-sex marriage in 5 days and today we talked to the same-sex couple at the center of the lawsuit. >> reporter: they are one of two couples who are plaintiffs in one of the biggest civil rights cases. >> it is exciting, interesting but we feel like we represent many other people and we are humbled by that. >> the u.s. supreme court will hear arguments in whether proposition 8, the same-sex marriage ban is unconstitutional. >> for our family it is an important struggle. and there has been sacrifice and at the same time it is a huge honor. >> reporter: they have been together 13 years and raised 4
5:32 pm
boys. a ruling in their favorite could mean same-sex couples can legally marry, affording them some of the same benefits as others. >> life insurance. and healthcare and retirements. there are a number of ways social security wouldn't float either one of us. >> the division was done with the consent of their sons. life has gone on despite international attention to their case. >> life hasn't changed very much. i have to say. we have the same mundane tasks, go to work. >> reporter: they will travel to washington, d.c. for the oral arguments and their sons will join them in the courtroom. live in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. >> ktvu's david stevenson is
5:33 pm
heading to washington, d.c. to cover the argument next week and we will have live reports throughout the day on monday. you can also hear more from the couple by going to our website, and looking under hot topics. she says it was an extraordinary experience to be part of the u.s. delegation at the installation of pope francis. >> to see really the millions of people lifted up by pope francis, where he paid great -- >> she differs with the catholic church's stance on same-sex marriage. she homes the supreme court will rule the ban on same-sex marriage is unconstitutional. woman is in serious condition after she and her husband were hit by a truck last night.
5:34 pm
investigators are looking into weather fog and low visibility played a role in the accident. they were crossing in the street when they were hit. people say that intersection is dangerous. >> i am worried about this intersection. i go over here every day to get my coffee, i am afraid -- everybody is trying to get through the light. i am afraid i am going to get hit. >> both pedestrians and the drivers claimed the right of way. a baseball coach accused of molesting one teen boy and filming another in a bath room. he is still on the loose tonight. joel kaufman is charged with six felony counts. a warrant has been issued for his arrest. prosecutors say he coached baseball in oakland and palo alto and run as traveling baseball club -- runs a traveling baseball club. >> part of golden gate park was shut down this afternoon after a man discovered a hand
5:35 pm
grenade. >> the bomb squad was called out and blew up the device. a man found it at 1:00 p.m. this afternoon while using a metal detector. >> i flagged down a park guy. he was driving by after i found it. i flagged him down. everybody says yeah, that is a grenade. >> no one was hurt and the park reopened after 3:30 p.m. woman has been reunited with her two young sons who were kidnapped and held in mexico since 2011. the loys have now -- the boys have now been returned to their mother. authorities say a couple promised to bring them to her in the united states but instead kidnapped them. the fbi found them and arrested the couple. fight is forcing a man from
5:36 pm
his home after he tried to find a way to pay his mortgage. ktvu's rob roth is live in oakland. >> reporter: this afternoon this house in east oakland was sold for 183,000 by a bank, even though the owner lived here for 20 years. while foreclosures drifted from the headlines they still happen. just ask the owner. >> yes. >> reporter: he lived in this home since 1993 but he and his daughter won't be able to stay much longer. >> despair. unimaginable to have to move after 20 years of being here. >> reporter: they bought the house after retiring from the army. but 5 years ago he got divorced and had to refinance to pay his ex-wife the loan from bank of
5:37 pm
america became unfordable. he tried to work with bank of america. >> different person each time you talk to them. different answer every time you talk to them. a lust of frustration. -- a lot of frustration. >> reporter: he went to his bank this afternoon with the alliance of californians for community empowerment, no luck. the bank put the house up for auction. he is now among the 10,000 residence who faced foreclosure in the past three years. most of them minorities. >> they are predatory loans and they signed in good faith and they didn't know it would be triple the amount. >> i don't know where i am going to stay. where i am going to live till we get this resolved. >> reporter: today bank of america e-mailed us saying they reduced his payments and tried
5:38 pm
to assist him, he denies this. reporting live, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. pink floyd's dark side of the moon is one of 25 recordings being preserved by the library of congress. [ music playing ] >> dark side of the moon spent more weeks than any other on the national album chart and going into the national recording registry. they are being singled out for their importance. other music includes cheap thrills, sounds of silence, the twist and saturday night fever. gay marriage may be good for marriage, the support doctors are making for the cause and the science they say they have to back it up. [ teen ] times are good, aren't they, kids?
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the house passed paul ryan's balanced budget for 2014. all democrats and 10 republicans voting no. it would cut the deficit by $4.5 million.
5:42 pm
the plan will likely never become law because of opposition. politicians are scrambling to restructure the most troubled bank. people are rushing to get cash from atms and the bank put a cap on daily withdrawals. they have given them till monday to raise the money they need to secure a bill out and if they don't have the money by the deadline the european central bank will cut off its emergency support which would throw them into financial chaos. the turmoil had an effect on wall street today. the dow is down 90 to 14,421. the nasdaq is down 31 at 3,222. the s&p is down 12 to 1,545. unexpected weak sales resulted from oracle also factored in. the prime minister of australia apologized to unwed
5:43 pm
mothers. >> she spoke before hundreds of people, many who were in tears. she pledged $5 million to help reunite mothers with children taken from them decades ago. it was thought to be in the best interest of the children. a group is coming out in support of gay marriage for the first time ever. the american academy ofpede actrics -- academy of pediatrics. they say a parent's sexual orientation has no effect on a child's development and marriage will provide a more futuring stable environment for children -- futuring stable environment for children.
5:44 pm
back here in 10 minutes, i have the forecast, temperatures warmed up today, temperature said will get warmer -- temperatures will get warmer towards the weekend, just how warm in your city.
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at no point in time may we ever justify it is okay to break the law. >> the proof the city auditor says she has that two city counsel members broke the law. she listed a dozen violations by city counsel members oakland
5:47 pm
councilwoman desley brooks and larry reid. ktvu's jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: for years controversy surrounded the base and the clean up and today an audit surrounding the two city counsel members. >> reporter: last spring a audit began. the 55 page document exposed what the auditor said is interference by larry reid and desley brooks. among other things it accuses them of using their power to influence the bidding process. and renovations at the center. >> these are serious allegations. >> reporter: he says they are clear, counsel members can only set policy and appropriate funds. they found desley brooks collected or negotiated can contract -- negotiated on
5:48 pm
contracts. >> at no point in time may we ever justify it is okay to break the law. ktvu channel 2 news caught up with desley brooks this morning. >> time will tell. the information is not accurate. >> employees were coerced. and the report documents that. >> reporter: desley brooks refused to be interviewed for the audit. larry reid found it ironic only the african american counsel members were sited. he said they proposed awarding a contract to a business outside the city without a competitive bid process. >> if i didn't question why are we issuing these contracts to a non-oakland business. >> the findings has been turned over to the district attorney and the fbi. mayor jean quan hopes they will
5:49 pm
investigate too. >> they have to work to make sure everybody understands where the lines are. >> reporter: the audit covers three years, reporting live, jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. >> posted the link to the complete report from the auditors office so you could read it for yourself. new tonight at 6:00 p.m., ktvu channel 2 news uncovered new allegations about a business paying off city counsel member. we are putting that story together for ktvu channel 2 news at 6:00 p.m. today congress voted against a spending bill that would have pumped bill into the 9/11 memorial. it would have gave $6 million for the park service. automatic spending cuts led to reduce hours. >> what bothers me is not sitting down and force the administration to go through what is necessary and what is
5:50 pm
not. >> the money would have restored tours at the white house and other places. muni agreed to pay $900,000 in a wrongful death lawsuit. he was hit at second and kings street at 9:00 p.m. at night. the lawsuit alleges he thought he was going to pass, the driver hit him knocking him into a night pole. community meeting on affordable housing was calm last night. protesters and police were out in force. the meeting was organized by a group, they want decisions to be made by homeowners. protesters say that is racist. the state requires them to build 2,000 new units.
5:51 pm
some say it seemed to be more about the impact. low wage workers are taking -- are not taking advantage of training programs. while 61% of the employers said they provide on the job training, just 36% of low wage workers said that was the case. a research group study showed a wide disparity between workers workers and employees on how they view the training programs. 83% said it extremely important tamove up in the -- to move up in the company. regulators moved to allow people with speech disabilities access to speech creating devices. the devices would let people make telephone calls, including
5:52 pm
911 calls. the california public utilities commission is planning to have rules in place next year. a beautiful day out there today and the weekend in a couple days, looks like it will be a good one. >> the bay area weekend, it will get warmer. warmer today in some places. some areas were the same. maybe cooler. most places were up a few degrees. we have wind out there. let's look. gale warning in effect off the coast, north of point reyes. the warning stays in effect through tomorrow. winds at the san francisco airport, 20 miles per hour. this is starting to feel like spring. westerly wind, napa. the winds keep it milder over night. helps you stay warmer. as you look that radar. nothing happening. dry now.
5:53 pm
mountains settled down. setting up for a nice 24 hour period. santa rosa 67 degrees. 64 in pounden view. 68 degrees in -- mountain view. 68 in fairfield. that area, warmer than yesterday. over night lows in the 40s. low 40s, upper 30s. next couple mornings will stay the same. pollens are coming up. tree pollens are trending high -- depends where you are. trending up. tree pollens coming up big time. the forecast into tomorrow. patchy fog along the coast. maybe fog inland today. that is it. valley fog this morning. highs tomorrow, lots of upper 60s and 70s showing up tomorrow. we will see a couple 70s. forecast highs, 70 brentwood.
5:54 pm
69 antioch. 70 degrees as you head towards the south bay. 68 morgan hill. seven-day forecast, with your bay area in view. a outstanding looking bay area weekend around the corner. >> look goods. thank you. being called the anti- bloomburg law, defies new york's crack down on super size soda. and they drove for miles and camped out for hours, the reward for these fans, happy to be waiting in this bread line.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
okay. what would you do for a year's worth of sour dough bread? if it is san francisco's world famous bread you would weight over night. 100 people huddled in the dark at the newest location. one woman even drove from sacramento. that is because the first 100 customers received 365 vouchers for bread. it is their second location in the valley. >> i am so thrilled. the warm bread feels really good. >> at 9:00 a.m. the dedication paid off. the bakers say the total value
5:58 pm
of the give away is $100,000. profits at ross sored thanks to holiday shoppers. $236million on sales of 2.76 billion for the quarter that ended february 2. compared to the numbers a year ago, profits jumped 23% and sales rose 15%. ross is adding stores at a brisk pace. shares jumped 3% today to close at $58. in an effort to stream line business coca-cola say job cuts are in store. they will lay off 750 people. they said three years after it added thousands of thousands of employees, the cuts are necessary. the governor of mississippi signed a anti-bloomburg law to counter the new york mayor's ban on super size soda it
5:59 pm
prohibits governments from such bans. saying only lawmakers have the right to over see markets in mississippi. coming up, ktvu channel 2 news uncovered explosive new allegations about a local business paying to influence a member of the oakland city counsel. >> and the owner of the a's is pushing for a move but now the issue over land could mean a real fight with the state controller.

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